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Supportive Care Services at the Swedish Cancer Institute

Resources for nutrition, cancer rehabilitation, naturopathic medicine, classes and other services:

Research and Clinical Trials

As one of the leading clinical trial sites in the west, the Swedish Cancer Institute can offer patients participation in nationwide studies. For more information: Cancer Research at Swedish

Websites, Journals, Books, Video/audio

The fight against cancer is more than a physical challenge. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources that help fuel the mind, body and spirit during and after cancer treatment: Patient Support Resources



In the above video, learn the common long-term side effects of cancer treatment.


Learn the tools and strategies SCI Survivorship Program offers to support the emotional health of cancer survivors.  

Tools to help cancer survivors cope with fatigue.

Coping with chemo brain even if you never had chemo.

What cancer survivors need to know about lymphedema.

What cancer survivors need to know about peripheral neuropathy.

Addressing aches and pains in muscles, bones and joints for cancer survivors


What you need to know about coping with stress, anxiety and depression.

In the Power of Plants, Dr. Buchanan explores the current scientific research examining the preventive and disease-fighting capabilities of a whole-food, plant-based diet. She also shares practical tips about incorporating more plants into your diet.

Living with the fear of recurrence is common. In this video, Dr. Nejad addresses:

  • The various types of worries and anxiety involved with post-treatment
  • The science behind the fears of recurrence
  • Ways to help cope with the fear of recurrence 

Originally recorded on November 1, 2017.