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Supportive Care Services at the Swedish Cancer Institute

Resources for nutrition, cancer rehabilitation, naturopathic medicine, classes and other services:

Research and Clinical Trials

As one of the leading clinical trial sites in the west, the Swedish Cancer Institute can offer patients participation in nationwide studies. For more information: Cancer Research at Swedish

Websites, Journals, Books, Video/audio

The fight against cancer is more than a physical challenge. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of resources that help fuel the mind, body and spirit during and after cancer treatment: Patient Support Resources


The Power of Plants

In the Power of Plants, Dr. Buchanan explores the current scientific research examining the preventive and disease-fighting capabilities of a whole-food, plant-based diet. She also shares practical tips about incorporating more plants into your diet.

Living Well Presents: Fear of Cancer Recurrence

Living with the fear of recurrence is common. In this video, Dr. Nejad addresses:

  • The various types of worries and anxiety involved with post-treatment
  • The science behind the fears of recurrence
  • Ways to help cope with the fear of recurrence 

Originally recorded on November 1, 2017.