Lung-Saving Brachytherapy

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Lung-Saving Brachytherapy is saving the lungs of high-risk patients who can’t afford or don't want to lose an entire lung during surgery.

The SCI participated in a national, multicenter clinical research trial through the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG) that offers many potential benefits for high-risk patients with non-small cell lung cancers that are three centimeters or smaller.

How Lung-Saving Brachytherapy Works

Lung surgeons are able to resect less of the lung as they operate because they lay down a mesh implanted with radioactive seeds, which deliver radiation to the site over a three-month period. This allows for smaller surgical margins that spare more lung tissue while 100 percent of the radiation dose is delivered within five millimeters of the seeds. Swedish surgeons first performed this procedure in 2008.

The low-dose radiation dissipates over time and poses little danger for either the patient and his or her loved ones.