What are the benefits of PET/CT

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PET/CT Imaging at the Swedish Cancer Institute

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The benefits of PET/CT images in the entire spectrum of cancer care—from diagnosis and treatment planning to evaluation of treatment response—have come into focus in recent years as the technology has become a standard practice.

Early Diagnosis:

PET/CT has proven particularly valuable in diagnostic applications for cancers that are not easily reached for biopsy, such as lung cancer.


PET/CT provides accurate disease staging and localization for biopsy, surgery or treatment planning.

Response to Treatment (Monitor Therapy):

Assess response to and effectiveness of treatments.  PET/CT detects residual or recurrent disease and is an excellent diagnostic procedure to differentiate tumor recurrences from radiation necrosis or post-surgical changes. Such an approach allows for the development of a more rational treatment plan for the patient. PET/CT can help guide further therapy by either confirming response or signaling the need for a change in therapy.