Personalized Medicine Research Program

Over the years, cancer researchers and specialists are learning that not all cancers are alike and each cancer has its own unique features. Use of molecular testing is rapidly increasing to identify these unique features and to guide the best cancer treatment options. To improve cancer care it is important to evaluate the molecular information of cancer with a person’s other clinical information.

Swedish Cancer Institute established the SCI Personalized Medicine Research Program (PMRP) in 2014. With patient permission (informed consent), we ask for patients who have had, or are planning to have, molecular testing of their cancer as part of their clinical care, to participate in the program.

The SCI PMRP study asks patients’ permission to collect and study information that has been generated during the course of their clinical care to: 
  1. Determine if molecular information helps in selecting the best treatment for a patient’s cancer.
  2. Identify clinical trials, which study whether certain medications might provide better treatment and be safer for patients. 
  3. Identify new markers (substances in the body such as genetic materials and proteins related to the cancer) that might predict how patients with cancer will do over time, to include how they might respond to cancer treatments.
  4. Develop a personalized medicine database that can serve as a resource for future research/data mining.