Nutrition During Cancer Treatment

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Cancer treatment can have a profound impact on a patient’s appetite and eating habits, whether through changes in taste and smell, nausea, a dry or sore mouth, or other side effects. The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) offers individualized nutrition counseling for cancer patients to help them stay strong and well-nourished throughout treatment. This service is included as part of the total care package at the SCI and does not require a referral.

Benefits of Nutrition Counseling

Maintaining good nutrition is important for all cancer patients, as those who are well-nourished tolerate treatment better. At the SCI, registered and certified dietitians help patients make optimal dietary choices based on their individual health needs.

What to Expect

Dietitians work with patients to create a nutritional care plan, addressing topics such as meal ideas, shopping tips, and guidance for gaining or maintaining weight during treatment. The whole patient is considered while designing the plan, taking into account medical history, current concerns, dietary preferences, and cultural backgrounds.

Nutritional Support for Treatment Side Effects

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Available at First Hill, Issaquah, Ballard and Edmonds, or by phone as needed. For more information about nutrition counseling at SCI or to schedule an appointment, call 206-215-6213 (425-640-4329 for the Edmonds campus).

To request free nutrition brochures or nutritional information from the Swedish Cancer Education Center, call 206-386-3200.