The Swedish Cancer Institute offers a number of classes to help patients deal with cancer and its treatments. One such class is mindfulness meditation, an eight-week session offered through the Swedish Wellness Program which is designed to help patients better manage their stress and physical symptoms as a result of their medical condition.

integ_meditation_200What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that is used to calm the mind and put the body in a relaxed state. Meditation techniques include:

  • Effective ways to manage stress, pain and illness
  • Instruction in relaxation and mindfulness meditation
  • Gentle stretching exercises that enhance mobility and mind-body awareness
  • Special tools to integrate class material into daily life
  • A supportive group for sharing experiences and feelings about illness and healing

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation may help control pain, decrease heart rate, decrease high blood pressure, or decrease headaches and anxiety. Many patients have found meditation helpful during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

iPod_icon Cancer Podcast
Listen to an Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

Meditation Program & Classes

  • The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program:  The Swedish Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, (formerly known as Mindfulness Based  Wellness) offers you instruction in mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga and a range of strategies to manage stress and physical symptoms. This eight-week class is designed to complement your medical care. Download Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction flyer

Appointments & Referrals

To register for a class, receive class dates or program information, please call 206-386-3200.