The surgical removal of the prostate and some of the surrounding tissue, including some lymph nodes. Surgery is an option when the cancer is thought to be contained in the prostate gland or in the immediate vicinity. At Swedish, radical prostatectomy can be done by open surgery, laparoscopic surgery or robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Your surgeon will decide the best option.

Urologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosis and performing cancer surgeries (radical prostactectomy) such as robot-assisted surgery (daVinci) and open surgery to deal with the male and female urinary tract and the reproductive system in men.

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Open Surgery

The surgeon removes the entire prostate through an incision (about four inches long) in the abdomen or between the scrotum and anus.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The surgeon removes all or part of the prostate using a laparoscope, a thin instrument that has a light and lens for viewing. With this minimally invasive procedure, small cuts are used rather than a single, long incision in the abdomen.

Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery (da Vinci Prostatectomy)

davinci (1)

In this minimally invasive procedure, a surgeon uses a console to guide four robotic arms that remove the prostate gland. One robotic arm holds a small camera and the other arms hold surgical tools. The console features a 3-D monitor that gives the surgeon a magnified view inside the patient. Potential benefits include less blood loss pain, and quicker recovery.

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