Newly Diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer?

A diagnosis of colon, rectal or anal cancer can be overwhelming. You're not sure what steps to take or where to begin. As you make your way through the maze of treatment options, know that knowledge is power.

This section is a one-stop resource — not hundreds of mind-numbing web searches, but just what you need to take those next steps.

Swedish has been treating colorectal cancer for more than 30 years, and is the only treatment center in the region with board-certified colorectal surgeons. Our team performs more surgeries and provides more radiation treatment options than any other center in the region. 

Meet three of our board-certified colorectal surgeons and hear from a rectal cancer survivor in the videos below.

vidIcon Colon or Rectal Cancer Diagnosis: Should I get a Second Opinion?
  Drs. Rodney Kratz and Richard Billingham answer common questions about getting second opinions for a colon cancer diagnosis (2:40)
vidIcon A Patient's Experience With Rectal Cancer and Treatment
  Russell Dawson talks about his treatment and gives advice for others facing colorectal surgery or radiation. (3:14)
vidIcon A physician's thoughts and tips for patients with colon and rectal cancer
  Dr. Amir Bastawrous talks about colon cancer and treatment options. He explains the differences between treating colon cancer and rectal cancer, discusses the importance of having a board-certified colorectal surgeon, and discusses Swedish Cancer Institute's team approach to treating colorectal cancers and its clinical trials for colon and rectal cancers. (3:29)