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In its 2014 Annual Report, the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) spotlights personalized medicine, as well as several other initiatives. The hematologic malignancies, surgical oncology, brain tumor, and outpatient palliative care and symptom management programs are presented as examples of SCI’s continued growth. This year’s annual report also showcases many SCI cancer specialists who have championed innovative approaches to cancer care, researchers who have focused on advancing care, and members of the community whose generosity has provided invaluable support for SCI’s mission.

Download the 2014 Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) Annual Report


For the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) at Edmonds, 2014 was a year of continued growth and improvement both in terms of service and program offerings, as well as physical space. Patients receiving care at SCI Edmonds have access to the personalized medicine program as well as numerous clinical trials. Radiation oncology volumes continue to increase and we are actively expanding supportive care services at SCI Edmonds including naturopathy, social work, nutrition counseling, and palliative care.

Download the 2014 Swedish Cancer Institute Edmonds Annual Report

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