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When food is the best medicine

Tanmeet Sethi, M.D., believes in the power of food. She teaches a cooking class at Swedish to help new doctors understand how healthy food can be better than medicine when it comes to treating chronic illnesses. Read or listen to audio about one class.

More partnerships between doctors and hospitals strengthen coordinated care for medicare beneficiaries

<h3><em>123 New Accountable Care Organizations Join Program to Improve Care for Medicare beneficiaries em>h3> <p><strong><em>SEATTLEem>strong> &ndash; The Providence and Swedish ACO of Washington has been selected as one of 123 new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in Medicare, providing approximately 1.5 million more Medicare beneficiaries with access to high-quality, coordinated care across the United States, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced Dec. 23.p> <p>Doctors, hospitals and health care providers establish ACOs in order to work together to provide higher-quality coordinated care to their patients, while helping to slow health care cost growth. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, more than 360 (ACOs) have been established, serving over 5.3 million Americans with Medicare. Beneficiaries seeing health care providers in ACOs always have the freedom to choose doctors inside or outside of the ACO. ACOs share with Medicare any savings generated from lowering the growth in health care costs when they meet standards for high quality care.p>

Resolve to give the gift of comfort and warmth all year long

<p>The holiday season is the perfect time to give back to the ones we love, our community, and those who have yet to enter our lives. For many of us, small, simple acts of kindness are easiest to introduce in our efforts to give back, especially when we are busy getting back to work or school in the new year. Thankfully, giving back doesn&rsquo;t mean you have to give up a huge amount of your time!p> <p>One unique way to make a huge impact in our community is by using your hands, heart, and brain, together&mdash;to knit! The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) has been lucky enough to have the support of community members near and far who have donated thousands of knitted hats for patients undergoing cancer treatment. These donations come at prime time during the holiday season but act as gifts all year long!p> <p>During chemotherapy, many patients experience hair loss, resulting in low self-confidence, heightened sensitivity to fabric and weather conditions, and with high prices of medical care, patients often face limited flexible income to purchase headwear.p>

Seattle&#39;s first baby of 2014 is a Swedish baby

<p>Congratulations to Niamh O'Connell and Wyatt Powell, who are the proud parents of Seattle&rsquo;s first baby born in 2014. Killian Powell was born at 12:51 a.m. on Jan. 1 at Swedish First Hill.p>

Swedish ms center recognized by Healthcare Design magazine

<p><a href="http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/frame.php?i=188639&amp;p=&amp;pn=&amp;ver=flex" target="blank">Healthcare Design magazinea> recently recognized the Swedish Multiple Sclerosis Center at Cherry Hill as a finalist in the Family Spaces category of its annual Healthcare Design Remodel Renovation Competition.p> <p>You can see a pdf version of the piece <a href="http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/frame.php?i=188639&amp;p=&amp;pn=&amp;ver=flex" target="blank">herea>.p> <p>You can also check out a post on the article by James Bowen, M.D., medical director of the MS Center, on the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=103BFB1F625A4408B5F18709D01115B3&amp;_z=z">Swedish Bloga>.p>

Swedish welcomes record 9,014 babies in 2013

<p><strong>SEATTLE &ndash;strong> <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=7ADDDE8BA88043A5BAE05F564F3F963F&amp;_z=z">Swedish Health Servicesa> delivered 9,014 babies across four hospitals in 2013, a record for the hospital system and an increase of 3 percent over 2012. Last year also saw a record number of births at both <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=62EACC3425B94CCD86CD1D35E427FFB4&amp;_z=z">Swedish Ballarda> and <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=96A9B45DF7CB4666A826EB8758C8959E&amp;_z=z">Swedish Issaquaha>, which each surpassed 1,000 deliveries for the first time. In total, three of Swedish&rsquo;s four hospitals offering childbirth services saw growth in 2013.p>

Treating and preventing common sports injuries

<p>Looking to be more active in 2014? Have you been waiting all year to enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding?p> <p>There are a few common injuries that often get my patients down when they are on the go. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you prevent these common injuries and determine the best treatment options should you need it.p> <p><strong>Sprains/Fracturesstrong>p> <p>The most common injuries in the wrist and ankle are sprains and fractures. Throwing, twisting, weight-bearing, and impact can put you at risk for a wrist injury. Ankle sprains and fractures are typically caused by making a fast, shifting movement with your foot planted on the ground.p> <p>In most cases, I recommend the RICE approach: rest for around 48 hours; ice the injured area to reduce swelling (use a pack wrapped in a towel); compress with an elastic ACE wrap; and elevate the injury above heart level.p> <p>However, if you experience these symptoms, contact your provider for further evaluation.p>

Troubles swallowing food or liquids - what does it mean?

<p>Dysphagia refers to the sensation of food or liquid being delayed or hindered from the mouth to the stomach. This abnormality is increasingly recognized as an important concern that requires attention and study. There are many causes of impaired swallowing, which are categorized into two types, mechanical, a structural barrier to food bolus movement, and motility disorders, involving abnormal muscle movement. There are also two major anatomical sites, oropharyngeal and esophageal.p> <p><strong>Oropharyngeal dysphagiastrong> is related to problems with the initiation of the swallows and clearing the food bolus from the mouth to the esophagus. This usually occurs within a second of swallowing and you may feel that you cannot initiate a swallow or food hangs up in the neck region. A test that is commonly used to evaluate this is a modified barium swallow or videofluoroscopic swallowing study. This study provides critical information on inability or excessive delay in initiation of swallowing, unintentional inhalation of food, unintentional expulsion of food from the nose or mouth, and/or abnormal retention of food in the back of the throat after swallowing. Most oropharyngeal dysphagia patients benefit from swallow rehabilitation programs.p>

Why do some people play their music so loud?

<p>Have you heard someone ask this question? Have you asked it yourself? It is a question I hear frequently from persons in my office. The answer is not simple nor is it the same for everyone. There is one important factor, though, that remains poorly understood.p> <p><strong>A short anatomy lessonstrong>p> <p>Our inner ear, or cochlea, has thousands of cellular components called hair cells. These cells act as biological amplifiers when the sound arriving at our ear is soft. That is, they pump up and down at the same frequency as the sound entering our ear making it more intense. This allows us to hear very soft sounds.p> <p>These same cochlear cells which amplify soft sounds can also contract and dampen the loud sounds which enter our ear. This prevents the ear from being over driven and this, in turn, prevents distortion.p> <p>So what happens if these cells are gradually damaged so that they no longer work properly? The simple answer is that we have hearing loss. We are not able to hear soft sounds as well as we once did because these cells are not able to perform their amplification function. But paradoxically, we may also be more disturbed by loud sound. The hair cells are not able to damp, or attenuate, loud sounds.p>

Why pregnant women should receive flu vaccine and pertussis booster

<p>Why do we recommend that pregnant women receive both the flu vaccine and the pertussis booster during pregnancy? Here are a few reasons:p> <p>The influenza virus, better known as the flu, has been proven over and over to have the potential to cause serious disease in pregnancy.&nbsp; That includes an increased risk that when pregnant women &ldquo;catch&rdquo; the flu, they may require admission to the intensive care unit, require a ventilator and, less commonly, even death. It&rsquo;s serious. Babies of women who are infected with the flu during pregnancy are more likely to be born prematurely and are at increased risk for stillbirth.p> <p>We recommend the flu vaccine at any point in pregnancy and offer the single dose, preservative free vaccine in our office to all pregnant women (with the exception of those who have a medical reason not to get it.) <strong>A common misconception is that the vaccine causes the flu - it does not.strong> Another misconception is that it is not safe for the developing baby to be exposed to the vaccine itself or the immune response it generates. There is no evidence to support this fear in almost 50 years of administrating this vaccine and close follow up of those receiving it.p>
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