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Health apps for moms-to-be and parents on the go

In the same way you can use apps on your smartphone to save special moments and help manage your children’s lives, you can use them to learn about, monitor and aid in your child’s health and development. Here are a couple of apps to get you started.

Halloween Party and Winter Adventure Program Preview

Join us on Monday, Oct. 31, for a wicked good time at the MS Center at Swedish! Drop in from 1-4 p.m. for fall crafts, refreshments and a costume contest with prizes.

Don't let the end of daylight saving time disrupt your child's sleep

<div><img alt="ChildAsleepBlog" src="~/media/706195EB38C542A295A7C78EF1F98788.ashx" class="float-left-sc" style="width: 200px; height: 146px;" /><br /> div> <p>Fall is a time of excitement for many reasons: the return to school, enjoying your favorite pumpkin spice-flavored beverage and prepping for the coming holiday season. However, there&rsquo;s one aspect of fall that parents of young children often dread: the end of daylight saving time, aka yet another thing to disrupt your children&rsquo;s precious sleep patterns.p>

With Swedish Express Care at Home, we come to you

Swedish has brought back the house call. Curious about how Swedish Express Care at Home works, or if it&rsquo;s right for you? This video and accompanying article tell the story of one woman who chose Swedish Express Care at Home.<br /> <br />

MS Center studies drug in patients who didn&#39;t respond to other treatments

<p style="background: white;">The Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish is conducting a study of a drug taken by MS patients who did not respond to two previous disease-modifying therapies.p>

How donating a kidney gave me joy, and someone else his life back

Your imagination will take you all sorts of unexpected places. This year, mine led to an operating room where I donated a kidney to a stranger.

Parenting with love

<p>What does it truly mean to be a pediatrician? The birth of my first children taught me the answer to this question.p>

MS Center studying drug that could promote myelin repair

<p style="background: white;">An antibody discovered in the blood of people with the disease multiple myeloma is being studied by the Multiple Sclerosis Center at Swedish as a potential treatment for MS.p>

Young kids should play the field when it comes to sports

<p>A recent report says kids are specializing in a single sport too early, leading to a greater risk of injury -- and burnout, anxiety and depression. Elizabeth Meade, M.D., a pediatric hospitalist at Swedish, explains and offers some advice on how to keep children active and healthy.p>

Using an algorithm to treat obesity

As our nation&rsquo;s obesity epidemic grows, board-certified obesity clinicians are taking on more responsibility for treating this condition. Obesity is a complex disease and, as many primary care providers have discovered, effective care goes far beyond telling a patient to eat less and exercise more.
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Viewing Page 1 of 151 | Showing Results 1 - 10 of 1510