Photography & Audio or Video Recording

Swedish recognizes that patients and/or their family members and friends may want to document care experiences while at Swedish. In order to make recordings at Swedish, recording activity must at all times adhere to the following requirements:

  • Please seek permission to make a recording or otherwise use recording equipment in advance from the Swedish physician, clinic manager, unit manager or other attending health care provider.
  • Every patient and/or Swedish staff member (including physicians, nurses, and volunteers) that may be recorded must consent and grant permission to being recorded. Recordings may not be made if any Swedish patient or staff does not provide consent.
  • Recording equipment (photography and the use of audio/video recording technology including cellphones) may be prohibited in some areas of the facility and premises.
  • Recordings must at all times respect the privacy of patients and staff, not disrupt care or operations, and not interfere with the safety of patients, family members, visitors or staff.
  • Individuals who violate the recording policy may be asked to hand over or destroy the recording, including any postings of the recording that have been shared.
  • Swedish will not be responsible for loss or damage to any recording equipment.
  • Recordings for obstetrics purposes is covered by a different policy. For more information, see audio and video recording in the delivery room.

Not withstanding the requirements herein, Swedish at all times reserves the right to deny, prohibit, suspend, or otherwise terminate any recording activity at Swedish.

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