Patient Websites (Caring Bridge)

Keep friends and family updated with a free, personalized Web site


Swedish offers patients CaringBridge – a service that provides free, private, personalized Web sites. CaringBridge makes it easy for you or a family member to keep others informed without having to make calls.

Create your Web site

In three simple steps and fewer than two minutes you (or one of your family members/friends) can set up a CaringBridge Web page and start updating your loved ones immediately. It's a personal and private journal, guestbook and photo album – all in one place.
1. From any computer with access to the Internet, go to
2. Click on "Create a CaringBridge site" and follow the easy directions
3. Tell your friends and family about your CaringBridge Web site

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you access the Internet while at Swedish?

Yes, free wireless access is available in most areas of the hospital - including waiting areas and most patient rooms. However 85 percent of the time, people using CaringBridge update their Web site from home or work.

Do I have to install special software?

No. Since CaringBridge is Web-based the only thing needed is a connection to the Internet.

What sort of training is needed?

None. Setting up a CaringBridge site is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

What about privacy and security?

CaringBridge sites are not searchable by Internet search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, etc.) You must know the specific site name - which restricts access to family and friends who have been given that name. Site authors can choose to add additional security features, including requiring visitors to register before entering the site and requiring a password.