Service Excellence

At Swedish, we want each and every person who walks through our door to Experience Excellence.

You can contribute to this “experience of excellence” by:

  • Introducing yourself to patients and staff and making them your only focus when interpreting. 
  • Maintain patient privacy by announcing yourself before entering a patient’s space. 
  • Being on time and being respectful of the patient’s needs. 
  • Taking the time to help patients ask any questions of their medical providers. 
  • Refraining from discussing professional or personal problems in front of patients. 
  • Speaking positively about your agency, Swedish Health Services and Swedish staff.

Inspire confidence

Through access, clinical excellence, and personalized medicine delivered in a culture of safety.

“Always The Best”

Metrics demonstrating highly reliable, high performing organization with the best safety, quality and outcomes achieved in a best practice and work environment for caregivers.

Extraordinary Care. Extraordinary Caring.

It’s about the Patient!

Mission Vision Values at SMC
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Integrity, Compliance, Privacy, & Security
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