Infection Prevention

hand cleaningOur patients and your peers count on you to protect them and yourself!

Key Expectations: You will be in contact with patients while interpreting, and you can help keep the patients, staff and yourself safer by practicing good hand hygiene. There are hand hygiene stations and alcohol hand gel throughout the hospitals and clinics.

Swedish Infection Prevention Philosophy

  • Consider all patients potentially infectious. 
  • Use appropriate barrier precautions at all time.  
  • Learn how isolation is managed in clinical and patient areas. 
  • Remind patients, family members and visitors to wash their hands. 
  • If Swedish staff are gowned and masked, ask for similar apparel. If you interpret in isolation rooms, make sure that you request personal protection equipment before you enter the room. 
  • Keep current with your own immunizations and TB tests 
  • Be prepared for any additional health requirements during critical health periods such as pandemic flu outbreaks or Code Triage situations.

Appropriate Hand Hygiene

How to Wash Hands:

  • 20 sec of friction. 
  • Use paper towel to turn off faucet.

How to Use Hand Gel:

  • Coat all surfaces of your hand thoroughly. 
  • Rub hands briskly until dry, a minimum of 15 seconds.

When to perform hand hygiene

  • Before and after each patient contact. 
  • Between clean and dirty tasks. 
  • Immediately after removing gloves. 
  • Before and after eating, drinking, applying cosmetics. 
  • After coughing, sneezing, blowing nose.

Describe steps to take if you think you may have been exposed to communicable disease

  • Wash the site gently. 
  • Notify Swedish staff at your assignment site.  
  • Go to Swedish Employee Health immediately, if Employee Health is closed report to the Emergency Department.

Please do NOT accept any assignments or come to a patient appointment if you have the following:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea. 
  • Temperature of 100o F or more. 
  • Acute respiratory infection with uncontrolled secretions. 
  • Pink eye/conjunctivitis. 
  • Draining skin lesion.

Hand Hygiene is the #1 Way to Prevent Infection!

Swedish is a Smoke free facility
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