Acceptable Use Agreement and Code of Conduct Commitment

Note: Although you are not allowed to use any Swedish computers, phones, copy machines or other equipment, you will be required to sign this document

Acceptable Use

This Acceptable Use policy applies to Swedish Health & Services, Swedish Edmonds and their Affiliates (collectively referred to as Swedish) employees/caregivers, volunteers, trainees, and all others doing business with Swedish (contractors).

Compliance with this policy is an absolute minimum expectation of employment or association with Swedish. Additional detail can be found in the Acceptable Use of Information and Information Systems security policy.

We must promote and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Swedish information and technology. This obligation extends to all of our information systems and technology resources including data, systems, networks, and devices (e.g., desktop computers, laptops, Personal Data Assistant (PDA), smart phones, fax machines and copiers).

I acknowledge that:

  • Internet usage, communications and transactions on Swedish systems are not private. All computer activity is recorded and can be traced to a specific user ID.
  • Information and technology associated with or belonging to Swedish must be protected by taking appropriate measures such as keeping passwords private, encrypting all computers and devices, and locking all portable devices. Additional information and online training on how to protect information and technology is provided by Swedish.
  • Swedish reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of information or technology to meet the business and service obligations of the organization.

Although information and technology resources are for business use, limited personal use may be permitted with the following restrictions:

  • Usage must be reasonable, lawful and ethical.
  • Usage must not interfere or be in conflict with Swedish responsibilities or productivity.

This commitment is not only our policy, it is the law.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Swedish Acceptable Use policy.

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