Help Understanding Your Bill

Key to Understanding Your Statement

Match the bullet points below to the numbers listed on the sample bill at right for more information on the different fields on your Swedish Medical Group bill.

  1. Phone numbers and hours for calling us with billing inquiries.
  2. Name and address of the person responsible for paying this bill.
  3. Check box for notifying us of any address and/or insurance changes.
  4. Who to make check payable to.
  5. Credit card payment section.
  6. Account number.
  7. Link to pay your bill on line.
  8. Total amount you owe for all invoices.
  9. Enter the amount you are paying here.
  10. Remittance address.  A courtesy envelope is provided.
  11. Guarantor name and account number.
  12. Charges for services rendered.
  13. Payment activity including insurance claims, prior payments and adjustments.
  14. Amount you owe for this visit.
  15. Important messages about your account.
  16. Total amount you owe for all visits.
  17. Payment policy.
  18. Address change section.
  19. Insurance change section.


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