Convenient and contactless online registration

Swedish providers offer eCheck-In for select appointments so that you can complete forms, provide insurance information, and pay your co-pay from a computer or smartphone up to 4 days before your scheduled appointment – all without handling paper forms.

You can use eCheck-In to answer questions about your:

  • Health history
  • Current symptoms
  • Prescription medications
  • Current insurance plan
  • Emergency contacts

You can also use eCheck-In to take care of the following:  

  • Sign consents  
  • Pregnancy  
  • Upload a copy of your photo ID and insurance card  
  • Make secure payments  

How to use eCheck-In

When you receive your reminder notice about an upcoming appointment with a provider, you’ll be encouraged to log in to MyChart and use eCheck-In.


1. Click the eCheck-In link

You will receive a text message and/or email a few days before your appointment with a secure link to begin the registration process.


2. Enter your information

You will be prompted to provide your date of birth and zip code to verify your identity.


3. Complete eCheck-In

Use the “Next” button to complete your eCheck-In process, or “Finish Later” to save your progress.


4. Submit

Be sure to click “Submit” when you’re done.

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