Spinal Stenosis

Do you need surgery for spinal stenosis?

Here are some things to know before you move forward.

We’re sure you’re ready to be done with back pain and get your surgery over with. But, it’s still smart to take a deep breath and a few minutes to learn about your surgery options. So let’s get started.

1. Find the surgeon that’s best for you.

Swedish is one of the few hospital systems that gives you a choice between institute-level neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons for surgery to treat spinal stenosis. What that means is that an expert surgeon will perform your surgery, backed up by a comprehensive team of nurses, physical therapists, and other caregivers who specialize in your condition. Both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform spinal stenosis surgery in the same way with the same training, so you can let chemistry and convenience be the deciding factors in choosing your surgeon.

If you’d like to check out both types of surgeons before deciding who will perform your surgery, Swedish’s specially trained triage nurses are available by phone. You can reach the neurosurgery nurse at 206-320-BACK (2225) and the orthopedic surgery nurse at 206-215-6681.

Learn about spine surgery at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute

Learn about spine surgery at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute

Questions to ask your surgeon

2. Learn more about spine surgery at a free seminar.

The decision to have surgery is a big one, so the more you can find out ahead of time, the better. One easy way to do that is to attend a free Swedish seminar on spine surgery. They’re lead by either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon (both types of physicians are well-qualified to do spine surgery) and you can ask any question that’s on your mind.

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3. If you’ve already chosen your surgeon, consider a 2nd opinion.

If you’d like to get the point-of-view of another physician, you should feel free to get a second opinion. Most physicians actually welcome it when their patients seek another opinion, because it can confirm their treatment plan or raise a question they hadn’t considered.

Find a neurosurgeon for a 2nd opinion

Find an orthopedic surgeon for a 2nd opinion

Why Swedish for spine surgery?

  • Swedish is one of the state’s leading centers for spine surgery — more experience leads to better outcomes for Swedish patients.
  • The Swedish spine surgical team includes 11 neurosurgeons, 10 orthopedic surgeons, and a long list of physiatrists, physical therapists, and nurses who specialize in spine care.
  • You can have your surgery close to home. Swedish performs surgery for spinal stenosis at our campuses at Edmonds and Issaquah, as well as downtown Seattle at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute on First Hill, and the Swedish Neuroscience Institute at Cherry Hill.
  • Swedish campuses have received national awards for patient safety and clinical excellence.

You can speak to a specially trained spine-care nurse who will answer your questions and help you find the surgeon who’s right for you.

Swedish Neuroscience Institute triage nurse: 206-320-BACK (2225)

Swedish Orthopedic Institute triage nurse: 206-215-6681


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Swedish offers spine-care treatment at these locations:

Cherry Hill Campus (Seattle)
Edmonds Campus
First Hill Campus (Seattle)
Issaquah Campus

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