Swedish Ultrasound Fellowship

 This fellowship is sponsored by Seattle Ultrasound Nuclear Medicine/Ultrasound Associates
Obstetrix Ultrasound Associates of Seattle

Duration of fellowship:
1 year


Attain experience/training in multiple ultrasound guided procedures including but not limited to liver, kidney, transplant, thyroid, and other soft tissue biopsies; drainage procedures such as thoracentesis, paracentesis and other collections; and intraoperative ultrasound for Obsetrical, Gynecologic and other surgical procedures

  • Work in both hospital setting and private office setting
  • Acquire additional experience in conference preparation, presentation and discussion
  • Participate in research and quality assurance, quality improvement projects
  • Successful completion would allow fellow to feel competent and conversant in the above areas and become an effective ultrasound specialist. It would substantially increase the fellow’s potential for academic or private practice candidacy


  • Completion of accredited radiology residency program
  • American Board of Radiology eligibility/certification
  • Special interest and dedication to body imaging/ultrasound

Director: Keith Wang MD, PhD.

For more information about this fellowship please contact Janna Bottom:

Contact: Janna Bottom

Phone:   386-6300

Email:    janna@seaultrasound.com

Location: First Hill Campus of Swedish Medical Center

Department: Ultrasound Department and Madison, Suite #1150