Initiate a Research Project at Swedish

If you wish to conduct research through Swedish Medical Center, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Be sure your study qualifies for review by a Swedish affiliated IRB 
  2. Contact one of the following managers in the appropriate area of study, regarding research contracts and/or agreements for the research activity you wish to begin:

    Department Manager Phone E-Mail
    Heart & Vascular  Research Donielle O'Conner (206) 215-2466 donielle.o'
    Clinical Trials Unit Heather Algren (206) 386-2820 heather.algren@
    Neuroscience Caryl Tongco (206) 215-3565
    Oncology Evonne Lackey (206) 386-2443

    Organ Care Jodie Davila (206) 215-4384
    Perinatal Medicine Heather Algren (206) 386-2820 heather.algren@
    Other Research Center (206) 215-3100
  3. Obtain appropriate Steering Committee approval. Steering Committee approval has to be done before the IRB process. Contact the appropriate person listed below:

    Subject SteeringCommittee Contact
    Oncology-related Cancer Institute  Evonne Lackey
    (206) 386-2443
    Heart & Vascular-related Heart & Vascular Donielle O'Connor
    (206) 215-2466
    Neuroscience-related Neuroscience Caryl Tongco
    (206) 215-3565
    Organ Care related Organ Care Jodie Davila
    (206) 215-4384
    Perinatal-related Perinatal Heather Algren
    (206) 386-2820
    Nursing-related Nursing Valda Upenieks
    (206) 617-4278
  4. Begin the research study budget process
  5. Begin the education in the ethical conduct of human subjects in research requirement, if not previously completed. (Please Note: This education requirement must be met before the approval of your research activity is completed.) 
  6. Submit Research Application through CLICK™.