NAC Instructors

We look forward to having you as a student in our facility. Learn about nursing at Swedish. For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please visit our Contact Information page.


Complete through Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW) annually:

  • Submit to school coordinator your Clinical Passport supporting documents
  • Complete CPNW self-learning modules
  • As an instructor at Swedish, you are required to complete the same orientation as the students in addition to reading the instructor material.
  • Onboarding, online orientation and RISE modules are to be completed prior to any classroom orientation provided by Swedish and prior to students arriving on campus for their clinical experience.
  • Provide students direction on which additional modules to complete during their online orientation pertinent to the skills they will be practicing or unit/specialty assigned to.
  • Click on the link to complete Orientation (Returning instructors review this information annually)

Additional Instructor Orientation Material and Resources

  • Meet your units' manager(s) and spend time shadowing a nurse on your units
  • Send student schedules to the clinical managers (hard copy) and Academic Services (electronic) prior to students’ arrival on the units

Evaluation of Online Orientation

  • Completion of this online form will allow us to improve this site and/or validate its continued support. Specific comments are particularly helpful if you have suggestions for improvement. Every evaluation is read.

Nursing Student Orientation Completion Record

  • Submit this form to complete your online orientation.