Nursing Assistant Student and Instructor Onboarding and Orientation

We look forward to having you as a student in our facility. Learn about nursing at Swedish. For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please visit our Contact Information page.


Complete as instructed by your clinical coordinator through Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW) annually:

  • Submit to school coordinator your Clinical Passport supporting documents
  • Complete CPNW self-learning modules

Before you get started:

  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will allow you to view PDF documents and use the e-signature features on the forms.
Nursing Assistant Student Orientation Completion Record:
  • This form provides a record of each topic completed during orientation as well as the procedures, protocols and policies you have read. Please click on the link and enter a date for each topic that you complete as you proceed through the following on-line orientation.
Review the following:
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Patients have the right to decline student participation in their care
  • Safety
  • Infection Control and Exposure Prevention
  • Compliance Program Education
    • Please read and sign the following form Data Access Agreement. We recommend that you download the form and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader to take advantage of the e-signature features. After completing, please save the form. Nursing students: You will submit the form to your school's clinical coordinator to be uploaded into CPNW.

Online education
Please review the following sections below.
Purposeful rounding: "checking in"

The practice of clinical staff checking in with patients proactively for a meaningful interaction. To learn more please download Purposeful Rounding Checking In.

Blood glucose meter

Click to review the Blood Glucose Meter training. This training must be completed annually.

The Point of Care Testing department will activate your password upon completion of an in-person orientation. If you have problems accessing the meter, please contact them. They are available 24/7 by email at or by phone 206-386-2461.

Your password will remain active for one academic year.

Specimen labeling

Click to download and review Specimen labeling.

Urinary catheter care

This section is for all Students providing direct clinical care. You must view all content and move through this course in sequential order. Click to begin the online Urinary Catheter Care Course.

Evaluation of online orientation

Completion of this online form will allow us to improve this site and/or validate its continued support. Specific comments are particularly helpful if you have suggestions for improvement. Every evaluation is read. Click to begin the Online Orientation Evaluation.

Nursing assistant student and faculty orientation completion record

Submit this form to complete your online orientation. Click to begin the NAC Student InfoPort Completion Record Template.

Other helpful information
  • Identification Badges: Swedish does not provide identification badges for students. You are to wear your school photo identification badge when in clinical. ID is to be worn and visible (not carried in a pocket) at all times while at a Swedish facility.
  • Directions and Parking