Non Employed Provider Education

Welcome to the Swedish Medical Center Non-Employed Provider Education page. To access the education we have available for you, please find the education you need to complete below and follow the instructions. 

Accessing Education for Non-Employed Providers

The following courses can be accessed and completed by following the instructions listed below: 

  • Communication Services Use of ADA Devices and Interpreters 
  • Eat, Sleep, Console
  • Hand Hygiene 
  • Influenza 
  • Lab Ordering Tip Sheet for Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Training
  • Pyxis

Please Read Carefully - Non-Employed Provider Education Enrollment Instructions:

  1. Click the link below to access the education enrollment form. Fill out the required fields paying special attention to the role you select as this is the course library you will have access to. 
    1. Your suggested role is: Non-Employed Provider
  2. Click done on the form
  3. Go to your email and open the email with the subject line, "Swedish Medical Center has invited you to learn in Rise."
  4. Click on "Accept Invite"
  5. Set your password then select "Create Account"
  6. Once logged in, simply click on the "Non-Employed Provider Learning Pathway" and begin your course. 

Ready to create your account? Click here to complete the Education Enrollment Form

Already have an account? Click here to login. 

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