SMC Surgical Residency Interview Information

Directorship contact information:
Marc Horton, MD, FACS  Ryan Martinez, MD
Program Director
Assistant Program Director

Swedish Interview Preperation

Swedish Medical Center/First Hill
747 Broadway WW739
Seattle, WA. 98122

Thank you for your interest in the Swedish Medical Center Seattle, Surgery Residency Program; our program has a unique apprenticeship/mentor model for surgical training. In this model residents are assigned individually to small groups of attending surgeons within all the specialty areas that comprise the whole of general surgery. This allows the residents the opportunity for early responsibility for patient care and for early exposure to surgical technique. 

The following information is provided to give you timelines of our interview process.

Evening Before Interview Day:
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. (per restaurant schedule below) - Location will be posted to this website the Monday prior to the event
We invite applicants to be guests of our residents for dinner on the Wednesday evening prior to their Thursday interview.  The evening event is a time for you to spend exclusively with the residents.  There will be no attending staff or administrative staff at the event.  Wednesday evening dinner attire is casual.  Please complete the form below that asks you to confirm interview date.  Plan to meet at the restaurant by time posted below.  lf lost, running late, or have last minute questions, please contact:
Interview Restaurants:

Dinner and drink policy at the interview dinner
Dinner is on us!
Please note that although you are welcome to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while at the interview dinner, Swedish does not reimburse for any alcoholic beverages, so please be prepared to pay out of pocket for any alcoholic drinks that you may consume. The residents that will be joining you at dinner abide by the same policy. 

Where to Go Day of Interview:
Please go to the General Surgery Residency area, just off the west elevators, located on the 7th floor west wing of the First Hill Campus. You will be given the access code to the door at dinner the evening prior.

Interview Day:   HOT Breakfast Provided
6:45 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.   
Check-In - Hot Breakfast - Conference - Tour
This time is for you to visit with our current residents and attend our Thursday morning resident conference.  The conferences vary from ICU Conference, Colorectal Conference, Textbook Conference, and Vascular Conference.  Continental breakfast is provided.  After the conference, you will be taken on a tour of, and return to the Surgical Residency Conference Area on 7 West.
8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Individual Interviews
You will meet individually with Dr. Marc Horton, Program Director, for a personal interview as well as Dr. Ryan Martinez, Assistant Program Director. 
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Lunch Provided 
Morbidity & Mortality Conference
You are invited to join Dr. Marc Horton, the Surgical Residents, and our Teaching Attending Staff at our weekly M&M conference held in the John Locke Conference Room, 2nd Floor.  The conference usually adjourns at about 1:30 pm and will conclude your interview day.
The goal of the entire interview day is for each applicant to have a strong understanding of our program, institution, style, goals, personality and provide equal opportunity for the program and applicant to get to know one another.  During this process, we invite applicants to be honest and direct about their own goals, personalities, style and expectations.  Please come prepared to ask your questions and put forth your expectations so that we can thoroughly address them and see if we will be a good fit for one another.
Applicants are welcome to spend the rest of the day with our residents.  Should you wish to have time observing in the Operating Room, a return visit can be arranged.
Please direct questions and schedule changes to Matthew Brown  (206) 215-4253. Please follow this link for parking information and directions to Swedish First Hill.

Good luck with your interview, we are looking forward to seeing you.

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