The Resident will:

  • Complete nine (9) required core rotations and the option of one (1) or two (2) electives.
  • Complete a major project to be presented at Western States Conference for Residents, Fellows, and Preceptors (WSC)
  • Complete a manuscript of the major residency project
  • Participate in and complete two (2) Medication Use Evaluations (MUEs) and/or Drug Use Reviews (DURs).
  • Prepare and present two (2) drug projects for the local and regional Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees.
  • Complete two short term clinical projects.
  • Complete service commitment requirement as required by ASHP.
  • Provide educational programs to patients, medical residents, nurses, pharmacists and other health-care providers.
  • Participate in monthly Resident and quarterly Manager meetings.
  • Precept Pharm.D. and external Pharm.D. clerkship students and pharmacy interns
  • Instruct Pharm.D. students at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy Therapeutics Lab.
  • Develop and implement department goals and objectives to improve pharmaceutical services and standards of patient care.
  • Develop, conduct and complete several clinical practice management projects.
  • Recruit at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting (ASHP-MYCM), CSHP Seminar, and University Career Fairs.
  • Obtain Pharmacist licensure by September 30.