The Residency Preceptors at Swedish are composed of a highly talented team of experienced, specialized practitioners committed to providing quality residency training and excellent pharmaceutical care. In addition, all Residency Preceptors actively precept pharmacy students and interns.

Emily Alsbury, Antimicrobial Stewardship/Cardiovascular ICU Preceptor*

Uriel Aparicio, Pediatric Preceptor*

Will Barany, Edmonds Emergency Medicine Preceptor

Stephanie Bardin, Stem Cell Transplant Preceptor

Moez Basaria, First Hill Campus Operations Manager

Manzi Berlin, Oncology Manager – System 

Katy Berres, First Hill Campus Outpatient Oncology Preceptor*

Kyle Brown, First Hill Oncology Preceptor*

Kristian Campbell, Critical Care/Pediatric Preceptor*

Cyndy Clegg, Director of Pharmacy, Edmonds Campus

Kris Croonquist, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Cherry Hill Campus

Andy Dauner, Ballard Emergency Medicine Preceptor*

Nick Dire, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Edmonds Campus

Nancy Driesner, Director of Pharmacy, Ballard Campus

Veronica Esquibel, Anticoagulation Clinic Preceptor, Issaquah Campus

Jens Frisvold, First Hill Campus Lead Oncology Pharmacist

Julia Ganey, Antimicrobial Stewardship/Cardiovascular ICU Preceptor

Kristin Genzlinger, First Hill General Medicine/Pediatric Preceptor

Randy Gerth, Director of Pharmacy, Issaquah Campus

Kayla Gulley, First Hill Outpatient Oncology Preceptor

Don Gruntowicz, Clinical Manager – System

Anna Hampton, Antimicrobial Stewardship/Transplant Preceptor*

Jacob Hampton, First Hill Campus General Medicine Preceptor

Joe Hendricks, Cherry Hill Campus Family Medicine Preceptor

Mercy Hoang-Nguyen, First Hill Emergency Medicine Preceptor*

Jennie Hong, Operations Manager –Cherry Hill Campus

Mikaela Jang, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Issaquah Campus*

Andrea Jin, Lead Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist

Aundrea Jocola, NICU/Pediatric Preceptor*

Jim Lacy, System Director of Pharmacy

Nancy Lee, Lead Pharmacist SMG Clinics

Julia Lewin, Oncology/Pediatric Preceptor*

Michael Lindsay, Critical Care/Pediatric Preceptor

Joshua Mark, Investigational Drug Service Lead Pharmacist

Heidi McCarthy, Pediatric Preceptor*

Lawrence Narayan, Transplant Preceptor*

Nancy Nugent, Pediatric/OB System Lead Pharmacist

Crystal Pitts, Oncology/Staffing Preceptor – First Hill Campus

Carlos Rangel Barrera, Oncology/Staffing Preceptor – First Hill Campus

Lance Reding, Antimicrobial Stewardship/Critical Care Preceptor

Vicki Reding, Oncology/Transplant Preceptor

Thomas Rivers, Antimicrobial Stewardship/Critical Care Preceptor

Jana Salvacion, First Hill General Medicine Preceptor*

Jennifer Solley, Issaquah Campus General Medicine Preceptor

Mike Schirmer, Congestive Heart Failure Clinic Preceptor

Sandy Shehata, Cherry Hill Emergency Medicine Preceptor

Laura Steinmetz-Malato, System Medication Safety Manager

Matt Stevens, Critical Care Preceptor

Nick Toia, Critical Care/Pediatric Preceptor, Lead Clinical Pharmacist, First Hill Campus*

Laurie Truscott, First Hill Lead Inpatient Operations/Lead Intern Coordinator

Tawnie Tran, Neurology ICU Preceptor

Adrienne Udelhoven, Glycemic Control Preceptor

Bharti Trivedi, Transplant Preceptor

Ashley Wilson, Edmonds Campus General Medicine Preceptor

Todd Winkler, Cherry Hill campus Family Medicine Preceptor

KyAnn Wisse, SMG Clinic Preceptor*

Shawn Wood, Cardiac ICU Preceptor