Frequently Asked Questions: Staffing (Service Commitment)

How much staffing is required of the Resident?
The Residents begin staffing, or “service commitment,” in October once they are licensed as a pharmacist. The Residents are required to staff every other weekend in either the main pharmacy in the IV room or as central support or on the floors in General Medicine. Service commitment is a requirement for ASHP-accredited PGY1 Residencies.

Am I required to staff on holidays or fill in for sick calls?
No. The Resident is not required to staff holidays, night shifts, and weekday evenings or fill in for vacations. In the extreme case of emergency, the Resident may fill in for a sick call in a highly specialized area (i.e. Antimicrobial Stewardship, Pediatrics, etc.) if there is no other available staff and the Resident is adequately trained. The Resident may also be required to staff in case of a disaster such as a snowstorm.

Can the Resident pick up extra shifts during the Residency year to earn extra income?
Yes so long as it does not interfere with the Program or the rotation responsibilities. It must be pre-approved by the Residency Program Director and Pharmacy Manager.

Does the Resident need to be a Washington State licensed pharmacist? Does the Resident need to be licensed prior to the start of the Program?
Yes. Residents are required to have a Washington State pharmacist license in order to fulfill the duties as a Resident. No, the Resident does not need to be licensed as a pharmacist by the July 1 start date. However, the Resident must be licensed by September 30 in order to begin service commitment. The Resident must have at least a Washington State intern license prior to starting the Residency Program. Failure to become a licensed pharmacist by September 30 will result in termination (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis).