Frequently Asked Questions: Recruiting and Benefits

Is the Resident expected to recruit for the Residency Program?
Yes. All Residents will be attending various career fairs and meetings across the Northwest and nationally to recruit for the Residency Program.

Are the Residents responsible for paying their own way for recruiting?
No. Swedish will pay for travel expenses related to recruiting for the Residency Program.

Do the Residents go to educational meetings?
Yes. Residents are scheduled to attend the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in December and the Western States Conference for Pharmacy Residents, Fellows and Preceptors in May, both of which are paid for by Swedish. The Residents also receive the same benefits as the pharmacists which consists of $150/year of continuing education money which can be used towards other educational meetings such as WSPA.

What else does Swedish pay for the Resident?
Swedish also pays for parking on the First Hill Campus for the residency year, business cards, jump drives and pagers.

Do the Residents have their own office?
On the First Hill Campus, the Residents have a dedicated office space with computers, printer, and phones.

Do you supply lab coats?
At this time, we do not supply lab coats.

What types of health benefits are available to the Residents?
Residents have access to the same medical and dental insurance plans that are offered to all full time Swedish staff employees.