Frequently Asked Questions: Jump Start Program

What is the Jump Start Program?
Swedish was the first to create the Jump Start Program. It is an opportunity for the Resident that graduates early from pharmacy school and wishes to get a head start on their Residency Program. It bridges the gap between pharmacy school and the official start of the Residency Program on July 1. The Resident has the opportunity to have orientation, complete on-line training and begin residency projects. It begins when the Resident completes all pharmacy graduation work and runs until June 30. The Resident must have a Washington State intern license to participate in this program.

What are the requirements to participate in the Jump Start Program?
  • Complete all school of pharmacy graduation requirements
  • Have proof of school of pharmacy graduation
  • Be a Washington State licensed intern
  • Complete Swedish's new employee orientation and Epic computer training by the first week of June

What is the pay rate for the Jump Start Program?
The Resident is paid at resident hourly pay rate. This pay remains in effect until July when the Resident is then switched to a salary pay rate.

Is the Resident required to work weekends and/or holidays during this time? Is it full time? It is required?
No. The Resident will only work during the business work week. It is up to the Resident and Residency Program Coordinator to determine how many hours are worked. The Program works around exams, graduation, vacations, etc. This Program is strictly voluntary and is subject to change.

Do most residents take advantage of the Jump Start Program?
Yes. Most residents like to have all training completed before the official start so they can begin their first rotation on July 1. By participating in the Jump Start Program, the Resident gains an extra month of elective rotations or extra project time but this does not mean the resident graduates early from the program. The end date of the program shall remain June 30th (exceptions include if the resident is required to start their PGY2 program on/around July 1st).