Frequently Asked Questions: Selection and Interview Process

How many applications do you receive?
For the 2017-2018 residency year, we received over 100 applications.

How many interviews do you conduct?
We are planning to interview 24 candidates for our four positions.

Can I do a phone interview to reduce my expenses/time?
Unfortunately, no. We want candidates to be able to experience the Program, the institution, and Seattle-area in person to ensure the Residency Program is a good fit for them.

I won't be able to interview on the dates listed. Can I arrange an interview on another date?
Unfortunately, no. Members of our Resident Interview Committee are clinical pharmacists and managers that have been scheduled off service and/or clear their meeting schedules months in advance to interview candidates. We cannot make arrangements for different dates other than listed.

What do you look for in a resident?
Each year the needs of the Residency Program changes so we look for different qualities. But overall, we look for leadership experience, strong clinical skills, great communication/written skills, great time management skills, good presentation/teaching skills, and have some project experience. The candidate must also be independent, a self-starter, motivated, enthusiastic, and confident. We are especially interested in a candidate that is creative, innovative, and assertive in order to initiate or revise a service, policy or project. We expect our Resident to make a contribution to our Program, department, and institution. Every year we strive to find the “best fit” for our institution and Program.

Who interviews the candidates? Do each of them get a vote including the Residents?
The Resident Interview Committee (RIC) consists of the Residency Program Director, Residency Program Coordinator, select preceptors and managers, and the current Residents. Each member has equal voting power (please see Frequently Asked Questions: Application for information on Resident Selection Committee).

When and how are the candidates notified if an interview is requested? What about if an interview is not granted?
We try to notify candidates if they have been selected for an interview within 10 to 14 days after the deadline. It is usually by telephone and/or email. As a courtesy, we also let candidates know through email that an interview is not requested.

What is involved in the interview? Do I need to complete a presentation?
Interviews begin at 7:30 a.m. after an informal coffee session with a resident at 7 a.m. We conduct four 45-minute interviews: two on Cherry Hill campus and two on First Hill Campus. The candidate will be assigned to start at one campus and then moving to the second campus later in the day. The interviews consist of the candidate answering questions from the RIC and RPD/RPC. There is no presentation required nor will there be clinical situational scenarios. After the end of each of the two interviews on the first campus, the candidate has time to ask questions of the RIC and RPD/RPC, then a 45-minute tour of the first campus is conducted. At the end of the tour, the candidate will proceed to the second campus for lunch with the residents and have the remaining interviews and tour. Similar to the first campus, there are two 45-minute interviews followed by a tour of the second campus. The day typically ends around 3 p.m.

May I bring examples of projects and presentations I have completed to show during the interview?
Yes but it is not required. If at some point during the interview a question has been posed that can be answered with an example of your work, you may present it.

How can I prepare for the interview?
Our interview process is utilized to get to know the candidate and see if we are a good match for them and if they would be a good match for our Program. Candidates should be prepared to speak about their interests and goals and how Swedish can specifically meet them. Candidates should also speak about their strengths and weaknesses to work on during the Residency year. Candidates must also be able to answer general clinical questions.

How are Residents chosen?
After all interviews are completed, the RIC meets to discuss and rank the candidates in the ability to meet the institution’s and Program’s needs, and the ability of the institution and Program to meet the candidate’s needs. The list is then submitted to the ASHP Resident Matching Program by the March deadline. The ASHP Resident Matching Program web site can be found at National Matching Services Inc.

How should I rank your institution?
Candidates should rank all residencies according to highest preference and the ability of the Residency Program to meet the candidate’s needs and interests. If you feel we are a great fit for you, then please rank us accordingly.

Is it fair to let you know that I really would like to match with your Program? Will it increase my chances?
If you are very interested in becoming a Resident at Swedish, then please let us know! It will greatly help us in our decision making process. We want a resident who wants to be in our Program, not simply matched to our Program!

When will I find out if I have matched with your Program?
In March, the ASHP Resident Matching Program will report all matching results for both the candidate and Residency Program through email.