Hip Preservation Fellowship


The Wyss Hip and Pelvis Center offers a one-year fellowship for Orthopaedic surgeons who are interested in a career in hip preservation surgery.  For surgeons with prior practice experience or fellowship training, the fellowship can be personalized to meet your specific educational needs.


The primary aim of the fellowship is to improve understanding and treatment of structural variations in the hip and pelvis, with an emphasis on acetabular dysplasia, proximal femoral transverse and coronal plane abnormalities, femoroacetabular impingement, osteonecrosis, and residual deformities from childhood hip disease, such as slipped capital femoral epiphysis and Perthes disease.  The fellowship provides a high-volume surgical exposure to periacetabular and proximal femoral osteotomies and hip arthroscopy.  Fellows will have a graduated clinical experience to develop skills in physical examination of the hip, interpreting specialized imaging, formulating treatment options and performing hip preservation procedures.


The fellowship education features:

• One-to-one real-time learning in the office and operating room with Dr. Keith Mayo and Dr. Cara Beth Lee
• Weekly cadaveric lab for surgical skills training
• Bimonthly didactic sessions and journal club meetings
• Quarterly interdisciplinary conference with hip-focused Sports Medicine providers and physical therapists
• Research opportunities in surgical outcomes, hip and pelvic anatomy and basic science

Eligible candidates will have completed an Orthopaedic surgery residency with special consideration given to those having prior fellowship training in Sports Medicine, Adult Reconstruction, Pediatric Orthopaedics or Orthopaedic Trauma.  

In special circumstances, we may consider a 6-month fellowship duration or short-term observational visits.

For more information, please contact us at seattlehipandpelvis@swedish.org