Wound Clinic

  • Rotation length: 1 month
  • Location: Swedish Wound Care Center – Cherry Hill
  • Supervising Faculty: Cynthia Campbell, MD
  • Evaluation: written competency-based evaluation.

Practical Details:

  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday
PM   Wound clinic   Wound clinic  


Rotation Goals and Objectives:

Patient Care

  • Assist the multidisciplinary team in outpatient management of complex non-healing wounds.

Medical knowledge

  • Learn basic principles of wound care.
  • Develop familiarity with common dressings and wound care materials.
  • Understand the utility of and indication for negative pressure wound therapy (“wound vac”).

Practice-based learning and improvement

  • Develop knowledge and skills to allow the practice of wound care in the fellow’s own long term and subacute patient panel.


  • Interact professionally with the multidisciplinary wound care team.

Systems-based practice

  • Understand the role of the outpatient wound clinic in the health care system.