Regularly Scheduled CME Series

Cancer Conference Series

13 sub-series | First Hill, Cherry Hill, Ballard and Issaquah
The series will provide a forum for case presentations and discussions of protocols and care pathways, as well as technology-related issues in the care of patients with cancer. You must be on staff at Swedish Medical Center to attend this series. This series consists of 13 sub-series across three campuses.

Grand Rounds 

2nd & 3rd Thursdays | First Hill 
Grand Rounds provides an ongoing forum for physicians and allied health professionals to enhance their diagnostic, clinical, and treatment skills and to actively involve medical, surgical, nursing, pharmacy and therapy staff in real-time improvement of patient care at Swedish Medical Center. The sessions are targeted to all specialties and health-care professionals. 

Surgery Residents/Fellows & Surgical Topic Presentations- 2nd Thursday/Month
Family Medicine Residents Presentations - 3rd Thursday/Month

Medical Ethics Conference Series for Health-care Providers

4th Wednesdays | First Hill, Ballard, Edmonds and Issaquah
The Medical Ethics Conference Series provides an ongoing forum for teaching ethical principles and exploring ethical concepts. The faculty will address a new topic each month. The discussions will include ethics studies on timely topics and case presentations.  Contact Swedish CME to be added to the invite mail list.

Swedish Health Network Series

2nd Fridays | Live Broadcast and In-person at Cherry Hill or OMC
Swedish Health Network Series provides opportunities for physicians and allied health professionals from affiliate hospitals to enhance their diagnostic, clinical and treatment skills. Swedish faculty will address a new topic each month regarding current and new developing treatments of care.