Roland D. Pinkham, MD, Basic Science Lectureships

After 26 years, the Roland D. Pinkham, M.D. Basic Science Lectureship Endowment has run its course and we celebrated the final symposium on November 16, 2012.  Swedish has benefited enormously from the 26 remarkable programs this endowment has provided since 1986. We are deeply grateful for Dr. Pinkham's vision to bring together outstanding regional and national experts to share exciting insights and ideas in basic science.

Thanks to a bequest by the late Dr. Roland Pinkham, Swedish Hospital Medical Center provided an Annual Roland D. Pinkham M.D. Basic Sciences Lectureship from 1986-2012.  These unique day-long CME activities were designed around a core topic in the basic sciences and provided an opportunity for physicians to stretch their intellectual horizons and reconnect with fundamentals in basic science.  The topics covered have been diverse--from Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine to Music and the Brain, from Chaos Theory to the Art and Science of Medical Decision Making.  Dr. Pinkham's interest in medical education sprang from his commitment to teaching surgical housestaff.  Having been raised in Seattle and following his training at the University of Washington and Stanford University, he practiced on the staff at Swedish from 1948-1979.  In addition to being Chief of Surgery 1971-79, he was a leader in improving the standard of care and teaching in the Seattle medical community and served as a president of the Washington State Medical Association.  Through the ongoing efforts of his family,  especially his son Dr. James Pinkham, his tremendous legacy was perpetuated through these highly anticipated events.

Recorded CMEs

Click below to view recordings of past conferences online.

All programs below are available for informational purposes only. They are not intended to serve as, or be the basis of a medical opinion, diagnosis, prognosis or treatment for any particular patient. The information was current at the time of the presentation.

Recordings of the following conferences may be on file in the Swedish Library. Please call (206) 386-2484 to check out a copy.

  • 18th Annual - Nanotechnology
  • 17th Annual - Signals and Signaling in Biology and Medicine
  • 16th Annual - Beyond Darwin: Evolution in a New Millennium
  • 15th Annual - From Genes to Cognition, From Molecules to Mind
  • 14th Annual - Unraveling the Human Genome
  • 13th Annual - Health Informatics: The Science of Information
  • 12th Annual - Chaos and Fractals in Biology and Medicine
  • 11th Annual - Creature Movement: Muscle Metabolism and Animal Athletes
  • 10th Annual - Virions and Prions
  • 9th Annual - Use of the Computer in the Biomedical Sciences
  • 8th Annual - The Science of Obesity
  • 7th Annual - No record
  • 6th Annual - Desperately Seeking Science: Chaos, Patterns, and Change
  • 5th Annual - The Evolution and Application of Pharmacological and Technological Tools
  • 4th Annual - Molecular Biology
  • 3rd Annual - Cognitive Neuroscience: A New Frontier
  • 2nd Annual - No record
  • 1st Annual - No record

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