Pain Research

The Pain Research Department is part of the Clinical Research Division of Swedish and works in association with the Swedish Pain and Headache Center. The Pain Research Department provides support and assistance – such as clinical coordination, data management and regulatory support – to all Swedish-affiliated investigators conducting pain and side-effect research.

Our philosphy is to ensure that Swedish continues to offer the best possible care by pursuing new innovations in pain management and making investigational pain therapies available to patients."

The Pain Department physicians employ an experienced research staff to assist in the management of research studies. We have conducted studies sponsored by the federal government (National Institutes of Health), as well as pharmaceutical and device companies regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Research studies:
See a list of current pain-related research studies being conducted at Swedish. 

Department researchers:

Gordon Irving, M.D.
Director, Pain Services, Swedish Medical Center; clinical associate professor, University of Washington Medical School
Dr. Irving is the former medical director and associate professor at the University of Texas Center for Pain Medicine at Houston. He is a well-known speaker and educator in the area of pain management and has participated in numerous research projects. 

Thomas Yang, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, Swedish Pain Center
Dr. Yang is an anesthesiologist who specializes in minimally invasive spinal therapies, including implantable devices. He is fellowship-trained in pain management and has extensive experience in procedures related to pain treatment. He is proficient in the management of acute, chronic and cancer pain.

Cong Yu, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, Swedish Pain Center
Dr. Yu is a fellowship-trained pain anesthesiologist who specialized in implantable devices. He was a researcher at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for several years and has been peer-reviewed in many publications. He maintains an active interest in clinical research.

For more information about pain research at Swedish, contact: 

Reda Tipton, Research Project Coordinator

Swedish Pain and Headache Center
Swedish Medical Center
1101 Madison St., Ste. 200
Seattle, WA  98104


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