Gamma Knife Thalamotomy for Treatment of Essential Tremor

The purpose of this study is to find out what effects (good and bad) gamma knife radiosurgery has on essential tremor. 


Efficacy:  To determine the effectiveness prospectively of Gamma Knife thalamotomy in treatment of essential tremor. Tremor will be assessed according to the Clinical Rating Scale for Tremor (CRST-Part B)1 and the QUEST (Quality of Life in

Neuroscience - Movement Disorders, Neuroscience
Christopher Loiselle, M.D.
Radiosurgery Center

Each of the criteria in the following section must be met in order for a patient to be considered eligible for registration.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. Men and women age 18 years or older

2. Subjects who are able and willing to give consent and able to attend all study visits

3. A diagnosis of ET as confirmed from clinical history and examination by a neurologist or neurosurgeon


Swedish Radiosurgery Center (ask for the Gamma Knife Nurse)
(206) 320-7130