A feasibility study to evaluate safety and initial effectiveness of Exablate Transcranial MR Guided Focused Ultrasound for Unilateral Thalamotomy in the treatment of Medication-Refractory Tremor Dominant Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease.

To test the safety and initial efficacy of treatment using the ExAblate Transcranial System against a sham control in medication-refractory tremor in patients with tremor dominant Parkinson’s disease.
Neuroscience - Parkinson's Disease, Neuroscience
Ryder Gwinn, MD
Men and women age 30 years or older with a diagnosis of tremor dominant Parkinson’s disease as confirmed from clinical history and examination by a neurologist or neurosurgeon specialized in movement disorder. This tremor must be refractory to adequate trials of medication for Parkinson’s disease. Any contradictions for standard MRI, diagnosis of unstable cardiac status, or substance abuse will exclude a potential study subject.
Colleen Ottinger