Quantitative imaging of white and gray matter demyelination in multiple sclerosis using macromolecular proton fraction mapping.

Macromolecular proton fraction (MPF) mapping is a new quantitative MRI methodology enabling fast and accurate measurements of the fraction of macromolecular protons determining the magnetization transfer effect in tissues.  In this study we are going to apply the MPF mapping method to answer critical questions in the biology of MS. Specifically, we plan to identify the relationship between myelin loss, development of disability, and brain atrophy in the course of MS disease. 
Neuroscience - Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroscience
James Bowen, MD
Key Inclusion criteria:

  1. Age 18 – 60
  2. Diagnosis of remitting-relapsing or secondary progressive MS based upon revised McDonald criteria
  3. Willing and able to provide informed consent
  4. A record of at least two neurological examination within 24 months from the study entry and clinical MRI within 12 months from the study entry
  5. Baseline EDSS ≤6.5 
  6. Sustained treatment regime over past 6 month defined as either the same type and dosage of the disease-modifying therapy (DMT) or no DMT
Key exclusion criteria:
  1. Contraindication of MRI
Beena Gangadharan