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Benefits of volunteering or supporting cancer programs

April 26, 2018
The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) works hard to support its patients and families. SCI is a nonprofit and relies on volunteers and donations to keep the doors open. At the end of 2016 Swedish had about 1,220 volunteers. About 85% of its donations came from individual donors. The generosity of the community allows SCI to provide extraordinary care to every individual that comes through the door.

The importance of colorectal cancer screening

April 26, 2018
The American Cancer Society (ACS) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have joined together to form a national movement to increase colorectal screening. Their goal is to have 80% of adults aged 50 and older to be regularly screened for colorectal cancer by 2020.

What's good to eat

April 25, 2018
When you are diagnosed with cancer, food and nutrition take on a new meaning in your life. For many, taste changes, lack of appetite, nausea, dry mouth and even mouth sores make it difficult to eat during treatment. As one transitions beyond treatment, nutrition becomes important to help heal and maintain a healthy weight. There are multiple books and cookbooks available. Here are a couple that have been recommended by our patients.

How the patient education review committee gives back

April 25, 2018
In September of 2016, applications were distributed to seek volunteers for a new group at the Swedish Cancer Institute, The Patient Education Review Committee (PERC). The idea for the committee was developed by the Patient Experience Improvement Group. The group allows people who have been treated for cancer to provide input on materials developed with patient education in mind. There was a terrific response and the committee launched with 10 members. PERC had its first meeting the following January.

New! Monthly community dining program

April 24, 2018
Join us for lunch and learn about food, lifestyle and tips to stay healthy and reduce your risk of cancer.

New research study on scientific wellness in breast cancer survivors

April 23, 2018
Though recent medical advances are helping more women survive breast cancer, many of these women face quality of life issues related to their diagnosis and treatment. Quality of life issues may include fatigue, digestive issues, memory loss or changes to weight and body image. Some breast cancer survivors also experience challenges that can affect their physical and emotional well-being.

Port pillows for patients: DIY project

April 22, 2018
At the Cancer Education Center, we understand that chemotherapy treatment can be lengthy and time-consuming. To help pass the time, we have dedicated this article to a fun, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project. We will share step-by-step instructions on how to create your own port pillow to increase comfort and reduce irritation caused by portacaths.

How to tell if your child needs mental health care

April 18, 2018


If there’s long-term behavior change, it’s more than just a phase. There are signals that children can suffer from anxiety, depression or general behavior issues. Parents can help.

Horoscopes aside, your birth month really does affect your health

April 17, 2018
For centuries, physicians used astrology as a medical tool that helped diagnose certain conditions, illnesses and diseases.

For centuries, physicians used astrology as a medical tool that helped diagnose certain conditions, illnesses and diseases. They believed signs of the zodiac had influence over specific body parts, and astrologers believed—without evidence—that the moon caused insanity.

Is ibuprofen riskier than other pain relievers?

April 17, 2018


Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications are the most common treatment method for everyday ailments like muscle sprains, headaches, and fever. But like all medicines, ibuprofen and other pain relievers can have side effects.