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What to do when your little angel is a little bully

January 23, 2018


If your child is bullying someone else, there are constructive ways to deal with the problem to prevent it from escalating.

Natural alternatives to your home air freshener

January 15, 2018

Natural air fresheners provide fresh scents without irritating chemicals.

How to keep a side job from ruining your health

January 10, 2018


These tips will help you avoid burnout from working an extra job in today’s gig economy.

Car seat safety

January 09, 2018

According to a report, up to 95 percent of families incorrectly install their newborns’car seats. Learn how to ensure yours is correctly installed. 

5 foods to counter seasonal affective disorder

January 02, 2018


These foods can lift seasonal depression when daylight savings ends.

After breast cancer: what's next

December 26, 2017
Life after cancer treatment often can bring on worry and anxiety over how to move forward. You may feel like your safety net is gone because you are not seeing your cancer team as often. Fear and anxiety are normal emotions but sometimes they are overwhelming and can keep you from finding wholeness and healing. During this phase you may have questions about fatigue, pain, medications and concerns about finding “the new normal.”

Cancer survivorship program offers telehealth

December 26, 2017
Telesurvivorship is a Swedish service that makes it possible for patients who have completed their cancer treatment to have a comprehensive, face-to-face visit with an experienced nurse practitioner. A virtual visit with the nurse practitioner from the Cancer Survivorship Program is available to those who have completed their treatment for cancer.

Counselors are now available

December 26, 2017
The Swedish Cancer Institute is pleased to announce that there are now three counselors available to patients, couples and families. These services are provided at no cost to participants and are available at our Edmonds, Ballard and First Hill campuses.

Researching cancer online

December 26, 2017
When a friend, family member or someone you care for has been diagnosed with cancer it can be a very emotional time. While your provider will probably supply you with or direct you toward resources, you may want to go out and find information on your own. With technological advances, a very common way to find information is via the internet.

Navigating disability benefits

December 26, 2017
The decision to step away from work while undergoing cancer treatment can be daunting. Most employers are required to follow disability laws. However, that doesn’t always offer the level of flexibility everyone needs to continue working while undergoing treatment. If you have reached the point where you want to stop working, but are scared about what that will mean, it is important to know what resources can help you.
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