The Dennis Lisk Story

August 10, 2017

Eight months. Eight short months.

That’s all the time the Lisk family had from the moment Dennis was diagnosed with brain cancer to when he heartbreakingly lost his battle.

Dennis’ wife and two young children were brave enough to face the reality of what was happening; understanding that life would never be the same again. But that wouldn’t stop them from feeling connected to Dennis. His daughter Megan channeled her grief into something beautiful. She decided to use her love for art to fundraise for the disease that claimed her father’s life.

“I want to give money for research to Dr. Cobbs because I don’t want any other families to go through all of the sad times like my family did,” said Megan.

Extraordinary generosity brings extraordinary research, and best of all – hope, to our patients. The Lisk family’s story should inspire us all.