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In the Kitchen with Eric...finally!

February 02, 2011

  Here' s a great low-fat protein rich snack that'll keep you focused on that big bowl game and not that big bowl of chips!

Easy Come Easy Go

January 19, 2011

 I just got finished telling you how good it felt to return Chritmas gifts because they were too big and now...WHAM! a wall. ouch.

Fa la la la la - la la - la la!!

January 13, 2011

 Some post holiday joy to spread around!

It's a New Day!

January 11, 2011

 I was on New Day Northwest this morning. Margaret Larson is awesome, so nice! She invited me back  when there is more progress to report.  Read on for the recipe, a link to the segment, and more. 

Happy New Year! 40 lbs down!

January 04, 2011

 I ran the gauntlet that is the holiday season and came out in the end, relatively unscathed. Now it is going to get interesting...

What Eric Eats

December 10, 2010

Unfortunately my wife Lisa broke her ankle which has made my schedule somewhat erratic. So I apologize for the delay I taped this almost two weeks ago but have not had a chance to post them. 

Preventative Maintenance

November 12, 2010

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Dying for a slice of pizza? I was, yesterday I went to a party where there was a ton of pizza. I LOVE PIZZA! I ate salad....but then, like a flash of light it came to me. I can have the pizza. It's just the crust I want to avoid! that a pug snoring?

November 01, 2010

Here is a post from home; I was stuck there with nothing but my idle mind.

The Doctor is In

October 21, 2010

 I realized that I have not really been eating as frequently throughout the day as was prescribed for me to do. Instead of 6 -7 mini meals a day, I've been eating more like 4-5 medium / mini meals. 

Good News! I'm Obese

October 19, 2010

 Well I saw Dr. Lindquist was a relief. I shot the video before I actually saw him so let me make a few clarifications in advance.