Transgender Breast Augmentation

September 23, 2013

For many transgender patients, breast augmentation is an important step in establishing a feminine identity. This procedure allows men to present themselves as women more easily in public and private. The genetic male's chest anatomy differs from genetic females, and this has to be taken into account by plastic surgeons performing this operation.

-Transgender patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation have usually begun taking hormones, and these hormones can promote breast tissue growth.  However, hormones usually do not provide enough new breast growth, and therefore, many transgender patients are interested in breast augmentation. 

-Implants, either silicone or saline, may be used and depending on patient anatomy as well as surgeon and patient preference, the implants are placed either above or under the muscle. 

-The operation itself takes between 1-2 hours, is performed using a general anesthetic, and patients are usually back to work within a few days.