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Up in the Air over Swedish Issaquah

May 26, 2010

 Here’s a fun look at the Issaquah hospital construction site. Construction continues at an aggressive pace! Literally, tons of re-bar and concrete are being installed and poured. 

Perspectives on Healthcare - Spring 2010

May 01, 2010

Welcome to the latest installment of Perspectives. Since we started this series 18 months ago, we’ve examined a number of issues that impact the future of health care. But one topic we have not yet addressed is the severe shortage of physicians in this country.

About 60 million Americans are affected by the shortage in that they live in one of 3,000 U.S. communities designated as medically underserved, meaning there are not enough doctors to meet the needs of the local population. Our state has a higher rate of physicians than most, but even still, there are 147 communities right here in Washington that carry the medically underserved designation.

The physician shortage dates back, largely, to the mid-1990s when experts predicted the country was headed for a surplus of physicians. As a result, medical schools froze enrollment and began graduating fewer and fewer doctors.

The shortage has been exacerbated by aging baby boomers, who require more medical attention as they...

Meet Janet Barry

April 16, 2010

 The former superintendent of the Issaquah School District now turns her attention to educating Swedish about what the community wants in its new hospital.

March Mania at Swedish Issaquah

March 11, 2010

 As of early March, Sellen Construction had poured 2,224 cubic yards of concrete and placed 286 tons of re-bar at the Swedish site. A majority of this material was used for the structural footing and foundation wall of the medical center.

Also in March, shoring wall, excavation and structural footing activities started for the Medical Office Building (MOB) portion of the facility. A second large crane has also been delivered and erected. As the project continues, this additional crane provides needed support in hoisting materials for the MOB and hospital wings.

Perspectives on Healthcare - Winter 2010

February 01, 2010

The goal of this series, “Perspectives in Health Care,” is to provide a point of view on various aspects of the future health care. Because end-of-life planning has become such a lightening-rod issue, I thought it would be worthwhile to make it the focus of this letter.

At some point in the health-care debate, the issue of end-of-life planning became associated with “death panels” and the idea that a group of bureaucrats will decide who lives and who doesn’t. That’s a shame because that’s not what end-of-life planning is about. In fact, it’s the opposite of that.

End-of-life planning is about you taking control and making your own decisions about how you want to live out the last few years, months and days of your life. It’s about understanding your options in advance; consulting with family and physicians (even pastors and attorneys); and making your end-of-life wishes known via advance directives and living wills.

In my...

Swedish/Issaquah Campus Site Gets Busy

January 29, 2010

 After a brief hibernation on the site at the end of 2009, construction started back up at the Swedish/Issaquah Campus site in the Issaquah Highlands in mid-January. Work began on the facility’s foundation, including pouring concrete and bringing in a large crane that will be used to erect the structural steel (the “skeleton”) of the entire medical complex.

From here on out, construction will move at an aggressive pace. Over the next nine months, the new hospital and outpatient center will take shape — a good portion of the outside of the facility will be completed. And, the roof of the new campus will be in place just in time for the fall season. At that point, significant interior work will begin.

Watch Swedish Issaquah live on the web cam!

January 29, 2010

 Watch the daily happenings at the hospital construction site via this new web-camera link.

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