Surgical Residency Program: Day One at the Burn Center

A few things:

  • You will note our schedule differs from the one in MedHub; do not follow or make plans around the schedule in MedHub.  Our call schedule differs from MedHub, is based on the Burn Center's coverage needs and is the correct one to use.    
  • Please be sure to arrange any schedule changes with the Burn Fellow (Dr. Michael Mosier) and the Chief Resident, as well as notify me of the schedule changes by e-mail immediately so that I can send notice to the HMC paging operators and e-mail out a revised call schedule.

The following information pertains to your first day on rotation with Burn Services, (Insert Date):

Day 1: Those residents on the burn schedule for Day call, OR, and Cranio/Facial Hand Clinic, please report to Dr. Mosier and the Chief Resident at the BICU Nurses station (9EH) at 6am.  Night call residents, please report to the BICU Nurses station on 9EH at 6pm.  

All: Burn Resident Orientation will be held Wednesday, (insert date of the first day of rotation), noon-1pm, in 8EH50 (Burn Clinic conference room).  Pizza and soda will be served, plus we'll have packets of info for your review.  

Contact: Tetana Oguara
Phone: 206-744-3140

Burn Fellow: Dr. Michael Mosier, pager: 559-2836