Statement from Swedish CEO Dr. Guy Hudson

September 12, 2018
In a rapidly changing health care environment, Swedish must ensure that our organization is well positioned to continue to provide the excellent care that our patients and communities expect and deserve. That requires us to regularly evaluate how we serve the needs of our patients and, when necessary, realign our programs to best fulfill our mission. This will require some difficult decisions to ensure we can continue to serve our community, while maintaining our commitment to quality and patient safety.

Today, I informed all of our caregivers that there will be program and staffing changes that will affect approximately four percent of the overall workforce at Swedish. 

It is our commitment to work with each person impacted by these changes and make sure they have the support they need to make a successful transition. When possible, this will include helping impacted caregivers apply for another position in the organization.

As health care evolves, Swedish also needs to evolve into a more nimble and adaptable organization. We identified opportunities to be more cost-effective without impact to quality of care. We will strategically invest in outpatient systems of care and other services our patients require, while enhancing our partnerships with other providers in the community. We also focused on opportunities to create more efficiency within our organization such as through staffing improvements and reducing select management positions. 

These changes will allow us to allocate resources to programs and services that will help us meet our evolving patient needs, including:

• Improved access to primary care by increasing the number of advanced care practitioners in some of our primary care clinics
• Expansion of our palliative care program to ensure we are meeting the needs of our community
• Increased support of community-based care through partnerships, such as our partnership with the Issaquah School District, where we provide school-based mental health counselors and will be adding staff to help meet the growing community need

It is our hope to meet with each person impacted by these changes as soon as possible, in a way that is compassionate, respectful and consistent with our values. Out of consideration for those impacted, Swedish will refrain from sharing additional details until we have had conversations with each person.

For more on Dr. Hudson’s perspective on how these changes position Swedish for the future, please read his blog post here.