Statement from Swedish Regarding Recent Media Coverage on Swedish Cherry Hill

December 14, 2017
As a nonprofit healthcare provider that has served this community for more than a century, Swedish is committed to doing what is right for our patients, our community and our caregivers. We place great importance on our legacy of integrity and honesty, and we expect every person at Swedish to honor those values in all activities. In cases where there are perceived or real conflicts of interest, we thoroughly examine them and manage them as appropriate.

Our Code of Conduct sets a high standard for caregivers and physicians to act in an honest, fair and ethical manner in all interactions with patients, colleagues, payers and vendors. We also have a robust Integrity and Compliance Program that ensures we are following the ethical commitments, laws, rules and regulations that govern our business conduct and that when issues arise, they are appropriately identified and addressed.

More information about Swedish’s response to the Seattle Times claims, as well as actions that have been taken to address concerns around those claims, is available on our website here.