Swedish Shares Improvements to Address DOH and CMS Findings about Cherry Hill Campus

August 10, 2017
Findings confirm no pattern or trend reflecting poor quality of care at Swedish Neuroscience Institute; Cherry Hill operating rooms appropriately staffed

Swedish responded to findings published today by the state Department of Health (DOH) and U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) related to its Cherry Hill campus. The DOH and CMS conducted a survey at Swedish Cherry Hill to evaluate the hospital’s compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation and state hospital licensing rules.

“As a continuous learning organization, we take the sustained resolution of these report findings very seriously,” said Swedish Chief Executive Officer Dr. Guy Hudson. “We have carefully assessed the findings, implemented actions to address them and mitigate their recurrence. Our Swedish leaders, physicians and staff worked diligently and cooperatively to assist the surveyors in completing their work.”

Swedish noted that many of the findings identified in the report occurred several years ago, and it took actions at the time to address them.

“Many of the issues are related to documentation, communications or processes – and already have been fixed,” said Dr. Hudson. “As we partner with regulatory agencies, we will continue to provide the highest quality and safest care to all our patients.”

In addition, the DOH and CMS surveyors confirmed that Swedish Neuroscience Institute has not seen an increase in complications or infection rates in recent years, nor any pattern or trend suggesting quality of care concerns. Surveyors also recognized that Swedish Cherry Hill operating rooms were appropriately staffed, and caregivers worked appropriately scheduled hours. They noted that Swedish has already undertaken a number of improvements to reaffirm its commitment to providing the highest quality of care to its patients.

The vast majority of the report findings were categorized as standard level. Only two findings were categorized as condition level, and those focused on leadership, culture and communications issues. Swedish has made significant changes in senior leadership in the past year, including hiring its new CEO, Dr. Guy Hudson, who named new Chief Medical Officer Dr. Charles Watts and new Swedish neurosurgery medical leadership.

In his time as CEO, Dr. Hudson has affirmed the Swedish commitment to putting patients first by focusing on quality, safety, leadership and trust. Swedish has significantly expanded open dialogue with physicians and caregivers. Swedish is enhancing procedures to address internal reporting, and will hold physicians to the highest professional standards of conduct. Dr. Hudson has personally met with thousands of caregivers since becoming CEO to listen, learn and rebuild trust.

“These findings, and our action plans to address them, enable Swedish to continue to serve as the highest quality health care organization people love,” said Dr. Hudson. “We are committed to continuous improvement, learning from the past and doing what is right for our patients and the community.”