Swedish opens new Bariatric Metabolic Endocrine Center

August 30, 2016

Swedish is pleased to announce the opening of the Swedish Bariatric, Metabolic, Endocrine Center located at 1124 Columbia Street, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98104. This new center is the first in the region to offer integrated weight loss, endocrine, diabetes and nutrition services in a single, collaborative space. 

“Obesity impacts over a third of the U.S. population while diabetes and pre-diabetes affect upwards of 50 percent of the population and these disease processes are often inextricably linked— obese patients often have Type II Diabetes and vice versa,”  said Dr. Fran Broyles, medical director for diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition. “By co-locating these services we’re offering patients a comprehensive care team all in one setting, providing a one-stop shop, while allowing our care teams to better collaborate to meet the needs of our patients.” 

This new center offers a team of endocrinologists who can work in close collaboration with diabetes education and nutrition, social workers to help with behavioral health, both non-surgical and surgical weight loss teams, and outpatient pediatric nutrition support.

In addition to having co-located programs in one space, the center is unique in that it offers expanded services such as exercise physiology (a “prescription” exercise room), a full teaching kitchen where there are plans to host and broadcast live healthy cooking classes, telehealth consult capabilities, a treatment room for minor procedures, a health retail area and collaborative care team spaces.

“By having endocrinology and bariatrics together working on the same cause, we hope to make a greater impact on those suffering with obesity,” said Brian Sung, M.D., medical director for the Swedish Weight Loss Surgical Program. “Our goal is to fully empower our patients with the tools necessary to succeed and achieve positive results— this new center has the right services and team to set our patients up for success.”

To learn more about the services offered or to make an appointment, visit swedish.org/diabetes and/or swedish.org/weightloss. A public open house will be held on Aug. 31, from 5-7p.m. There will be speakers and tours of the center’s key features.

The Swedish Bariatric, Metabolic, Endocrine Center does not require a physician referral, but some health plans might. The patient path for those patients interested in weight loss surgery requires interested patients to attend a free weight loss seminar to meet the surgeons, learn more about the process and to discuss necessary lifestyle changes. The weight loss seminars are held weekly in various locations. To learn more call 206-215-2090 or visit swedish.org/services/swedish-weight-loss-services/seminars for a schedule of seminars.