Swedish Cancer Institute first in U.S. to offer Breast Microseed Treatmentâ„¢

June 13, 2016
The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) is pleased to announce it is the first cancer institute in the United States to offer implantable microseed™ breast radiation therapy. This targeted breast radiation treatment is a one-time, one-hour procedure for women with early-stage breast cancer. The implantable radioactive seeds are similar in design to ones already in use for patients with prostate cancer. 

“This is a historic moment for SCI and Concure Oncology. We’re excited to bring a leapfrog technology to women with breast cancer, providing complete adjuvant radiation therapy in a one-day, one-hour procedure,” said Dr. Stephen Eulau, Radiation Oncologist at SCI. “With prostate permanent seed implantation at Swedish, we were able to successfully develop and propagate this treatment strategy to become the most respected implant program in the U.S. Our goal is to replicate this experience, bringing the treatment to women coast-to-coast.” 

Breast Microseed Treatment from Concure Oncology® is a proven method of radiation therapy for women with early-stage breast cancer following a lumpectomy. Using brachytherapy, Breast Microseed Treatment involves the precise placement of radioactive microseeds in the breast that slowly release the prescribed dose safely over time.

“Breast microseeds are implanted in the operating room after we are confident the cancer has been completely removed,” said Dr. Karen Hendershott, Surgical Specialist in Breast Surgery at SCI. “Now, instead of six to seven weeks of ongoing radiation– the radiation is delivered in a single treatment.”

With this new technology, women who meet the criteria can opt to have the microseed breast radiation therapy. This treatment is particularly great for women who aren’t able to make it to the hospital for consecutive weeks of radiation. The recovery process from the procedure is typically quick with minimal discomfort afterwards, which allows women to go back to their normal lives much sooner than with traditional radiation.

To qualify for this new treatment, the eligibility criteria are:
• Age 50 or older
• Tumors measuring 3 cm or less
• No lymph node involvement
• Must have invasive ductal cancers (not currently being used for lobular cancers) 

“We are thrilled to be offering our patients this groundbreaking treatment option for early-stage breast cancer,” continued Hendershott. “This new treatment allows us one more opportunity to tailor the treatment to the patient not the patient to the treatment.”

For more information about the Swedish Cancer Institute, visit www.swedish.org/cancer or call 206-215-6400.

About Concure Oncology 
Concure Oncology is a medical device and medical services provider that includes Breast Microseed Treatment as part of its offering. Partnering with cancer centers of excellence to offer their treatment to patients with early-stage breast cancer, the company also offers end-to-end clinical support including physician proctoring, nursing and radiation therapist education, internal review board support, scientific advisory board oversight, patient flow and scheduling consultation, and inclusion in a national registry. For more information on Concure Oncology and Breast Microseed Treatment, contact 844-BMS-INFO, or visit www.breastmicroseed.com.